Bonus Day 3

Below you can watch today’s super inspirational interviews as part of our Journey’s to Optimal Health series for today’s Bonus Day of the Summit which will be available for 24 hours from 11am Eastern time (8am Pacific time).

Nutrition for Menopause

With Nitu Bajekal, MD, FRCOG, Dip IBLM
In this masterclass Dr Bajekal will talking to us about Menopause and how nutritional requirements change during menopause and how to use nutrition to manage common menopause symptoms. She will talk about the foods to eat, the foods to avoid and what supplements you may need.

What’s your biggest takeaway from this Wellness After 40 Masterclass Session?

Deep Diaphragmatic Breathing & Digestion

With Ed Harrold

In this masterclass Ed will be teaching us how deep diaphragmatic breathing can help with digestion, the link between breathing, gut health and stress and how deep breathing can aid with digestive issues.

What’s your biggest takeaway from this Wellness After 40 Masterclass Session?

Green Smoothie 101

With Deborah Smith

In today’s Masterclass interview Deborah will walk us through the tools, tips and tricks you need to make delicious and nutritious green smoothies in your own kitchen and in doing so incorporate more fresh fruits and vegetables in your daily diet.

What’s your biggest takeaway from this Wellness After 40 Masterclass Session?

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